Collegiate Women’s Development Cell (CWDC)

“Women shall have right to gender equality and to work with dignity and to have working environment safe and protected from sexual harassment or abuse and appropriate work conditions in respect to health and hygiene.”

The following duties and responsibilities are as follows for the academic year 2023-24:

  • The cell will also conduct a survey within the organization and collect suggestions / recommendations from women on issues concerning them so that appropriate action could be taken in the matter with a view to helping them.
  • CWDC will organize various programs to ensure that wherever possible, the aspect of Women’s development is promoted through these programs and a component for women’s development is introduced in all the activities.
  • CWDC would promote all round development of women employees / students of the institute, through Camps, Events, health care awareness, family care assistance, training for skill formation etc.


Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr. Padma Patel Coordinator
2 Smt. Amita Bhatt Member
3 Ms. Mital Macwan Member
4 Patel Mansi Student Representative
5 Prajapati Rakshita Student Representative


Gender Action Plan Open Link
CWDC Activity Reports Open Link
Facilities for Girls Open Link
Gender Audit Report Open Link