The Sports Committee of Anand Arts College plays a pivotal role in promoting physical fitness, sportsmanship, and a spirit of healthy competition among students. Committed to fostering an active and vibrant sports culture within the college community, the committee organizes a variety of sporting events, tournaments, and recreational activities throughout the academic year. Led by dedicated faculty members and enthusiastic student representatives, the Sports Committee strives to provide opportunities for students to excel in sports, develop leadership skills, and cultivate lifelong habits of physical well-being.


Sr. No Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Devshi Zapadiya Coordinator
2 Ms. Mital Macwan Member
3 Dr. Arvind Jadav Member
4 Karansinh Parmar Member
5 Dodiya Mahendrasinh Student
6 Parmar Sarjil Student

Sports Events

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Sports Annual Report 2019-20 Open Link
Sports Annual Report 2021-22 Open Link
Sports Annual Report 2022-23 Open Link