Now a Days, nurturing Innovation has created tremendous opportunity to youth for establishment of Entrepreneurship & Startups.  It largely impact on employment generation, economic growth, utilization of nation’s resources, etc. it offers better solution to technological and social challenges too. To achieve these milestones, it needs to evolve system and mechanism to convert the present demographic dividend into high quality technical human resource, capable of doing cutting edge research and innovation and deep-tech entrepreneurship and startups.

Anand Arts College, Anand has formed “INNOVATION CLUB” with an aim to create an integrated, institute and region-based innovation ecosystem to support and foster innovations and ideas of faculty members and young students and provide a conducive place and environment for optimum output of their thoughts and creative ideas. To succeed in an ever-changing and fiercely competitive global marketplace, “INNOVATION CLUB” has been established at our institute to support this vital need of the present times. Aim of the club is to encourage students to take part in different types of activities by which they can improvise their mindset and keep up with the growing world.


Vision & Goal

The vision of the club is to create an atmosphere of self learning and self development for the students of our college and to ingrain the technical as well as non technical skills in the students through various activities and programs. Our goal is to enhance the technical skill, improve team working and communication skills of students. We provide resources for the application of their ideas and to foster their innovative thinking.


Sr. No Designation Name
1. Chairman Dr. Manoj Patel
2. Coordinator Dr. Krupa Shah
3. Co-coordinator Dr. Jitu Khaniya


List of Activities

Sr. No Name of the Activity View
1. Amrut Navsarjan Training 2021-22 Report
2. Prabodh Training of DIY kit Report
3. Basics of vernacular Innovation Training 2023 Report
4. Mechanical Tool Kit Activity Report