Electoral Literacy Club is a platform to engage students in interesting activities and hands-on experiences by which they are sensitized on their electoral rights and familiarized with the electoral process of registration and voting. The club targets the new voters (in the age group of 18-21 years old) pursuing their graduation. It is constituted at the behest of Election Commission of India (ECI) in all the educational institution with a motive to aware and ensure the participation of youth and future voters whom are pillars of Indian democracy.


  • Promote Voter Education: Educate members and the community about the importance of voting and the electoral process.
  • Voter Registration: Assist eligible individuals in the registration process, ensuring maximum participation in elections.
  • Awareness of Rights and Responsibilities: Educate citizens about their voting rights and responsibilities as voters. Promote fair and ethical electoral practices, including discouraging voter fraud and corruption.
  • Voter Turnout: Strive to increase voter turnout by organizing voter drives and awareness campaigns.

Electoral Literacy Club Composition

The Institution has the ELC functional with the following office bearers:

Sr. No.



Functional Role

1 Dr. Mukesh Joshi Assistant Professor ELC Coordinator
2 Dr. Padma Patel Associate Professor Member
3 Prof. Subhash Virola Assistant Professor Member
4 Dr. Jitubhai Khaniya Assistant Professor Member